Blog7 - Guide to 4 of the Biggest Land-Based Casinos in the World You Have to Visit

Almost everyone has a bucket list, things that they want to do, experience, or places they want to visit. For passionate gamblers such as ourselves, one of those would definitely be visiting some of the biggest and best land-based casinos in the world.

If you, like us, have a dream to visit some of the greatest land-based casinos, you are in luck. We have found the biggest casinos where you will be able to revel in the magic of gambling when visiting them. These incredible casinos have loads to offer, and if you compile a great itinerary, you will be able to visit other sites while there as well. If you are hard-core, maybe you can visit these casinos in one trip.

crown - Guide to 4 of the Biggest Land-Based Casinos in the World You Have to Visit

1. Melbourne – Crown Casino

Australia can be seen as one of the biggest gambling countries in the world. A very big percentage of the population living down under dabble in some sort of gambling, whether it is horse betting or playing slots. The Crown Casino in Melbourne offers visitors amazing gambling experiences, with tons of games and a luxurious hotel on the premises. You will be able to attend a show while staying at The Crown and taking a break from the tables. This is a definite must-visit.

2. Buenos Aires – Trilenium Casino

Discover true Argentinian passion and visit this impressive land-based casino while in Buenos Aires. Hit the slots, with over 1000 machines to pick and choose from, or dine at some of the finest restaurants south from the border. The Trilenium is the biggest casino in South America, and guests can expect nothing but the best in gambling, dining, and entertainment.

cc2 - Guide to 4 of the Biggest Land-Based Casinos in the World You Have to Visit

3. Lisbon – Casino Estoril

Known as the biggest casino in the whole of Europe, Portugal’s impressive Casino Estoril has more than enough to get any passionate gambler’s heart racing. The property offers residents many thrilling experiences, including some of the best in local live entertainment, authentic Portuguese cuisine,and other fantastic dining experiences, and of course, a wide variety of gambling options.

4. Klerksdorp – Tusk Rio Casino

Situated in the quaint town of Klerksdorp in South Africa, the Tusk Rio Casino is another must-visit for anyone who is serious about gambling. The casino offers gamblers top rated service and gaming experiences with more than 200 slots machines and up to 11 tables to play your favorite cards and other gambling games at. You also have the option to join the private section of the casino, where the elite play for higher stakes.

There are of course other impressive land-based casinos all over the world that would have any gambler drooling. But we do believe that there would be a great starting point for you to start making your list of the biggest land-based casinos you have to visit. We wish you all the best and hope and may you have a safe trip.